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Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect setting for a blissful and romantic wedding, vow renewal , anniversary or honeymoon overseas – and has been consistently voted in the top ten worldwide destination.

Whether you want a conventional church wedding, or have always dreamed of tying the knot on a luxury yacht – you will get the personal touch and attention to detail in Antigua and Barbuda which ensures your day will be the most memorable one in your life

HARMONY HALL is the right place

where celebrate you Wedding in Antigua


Getting Married in Antigua & Barbuda

Getting Married in Antigua is fairly simple. The following guidelines will assist in making your special day run smoothly: Registration Fee of US$40.00 - This must be paid to the local Courthouse on Queen Elizabeth Highway. Application Fee for Special Marriage License US$150.00 Marriage Officer's Fee of US$50.00

These rates are subject to change. Please contact us for further details.
Documents Required:

Valid Passport for Bride & Groom to be. For divorcees, the original divorce decree. For Widows & Widowers, the original marriage & death certificates.
Other Legal Requirements:

Both Parties must be over 15 years of age. If under 18, written authorization must be obtained from parents or guardians.
Please note:

All documents should be in the applicant's legal name; affidavits are required if you are known by a different name. Two witnesses will be required for the ceremony. If you choose to perform the ceremony in a church, permission must be obtained from the church authorities. Some churches require couples to attend pre-nuptial consultation sessions.







Great Food! Great Friends! All my love
Julian and Alisin
we came ...and will continue to come.. again and again
Questo piccolo angolo di paradiso e' stata un momento importante e indimenticabile della mia vita. Tornare dopo 6 anni ha rappresentato per me una grandissima emozione, e sono felice di aver ritrovato lo staff, le persone di sempre, e che Paola e Carlo abbiano proseguito questo sognao con la stessa dediione , i miei piu- sinceri auguri perche Antigua ha bisogno di posti come Harmony Hall




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