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Antigua Best Beaches

Half Moon Bay - Of course our favourite beach. Half Moon Bay is situated on the east coast and takes its name from its distinctive shape. It is an ideal place for body surfing or you can swim in the calm waters on the left hand side of the beach. It is a popular beach with the locals who visit it mainly in the weekends

 Rendevouz Bay - Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Antigua, it can be reached along a path that leads from the rain forest. The walk will take one and half hours. Other option to reach this beach are by boat or a 4 x 4 vehicle from Spring Hill Riding Club.

Fryes Beach - Situated on the southwest coast, Ffryes beach lies alongside the road between Jolly Harbour and Johnson's Point . It is accessible along 300 metres of road. At the western end is Dennis Bar and Restaurant.

Long Bay - Longbay , beyond Devil's Bridge is protected by reefs and is excellent for swimming. There you can spend a day by rentingr a beach chair and umbrella. Good place to do snorkelling.

Pigeon Beach - Pigeon Beach is situated in the English Harbour area at the end of a short road that runs behind the Antigua Yacht Club. The Beach slopes gently down into crystal - clear - water. On the beach is Bumpkins , a nice local beach restaurant.


Great Food! Great Friends! All my love
Julian and Alisin
we came ...and will continue to come.. again and again
Questo piccolo angolo di paradiso e' stata un momento importante e indimenticabile della mia vita. Tornare dopo 6 anni ha rappresentato per me una grandissima emozione, e sono felice di aver ritrovato lo staff, le persone di sempre, e che Paola e Carlo abbiano proseguito questo sognao con la stessa dediione , i miei piu- sinceri auguri perche Antigua ha bisogno di posti come Harmony Hall