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The best of the east coast galleries is Harmony Hall.

Harmony Hall has been hosting a season of regular exhibitions since its opening in 1987. The monthly openings, usually on the first Sunday from November to April, are as social as they are cultural. Complimentary cocktails are served, and visitors can enjoy a rare opportunity to meet local artists and collectors. The exhibitors are as diverse as the many cultures that make the Caribbean such a vibrant part of the world. Whether from Antigua, the region, Europe or the U.S.A., all are committed artists, who have earned the respect of their peers and collectors, and all are Caribbean inspired.
It is easy to see how important this art is to Harmony Hall. It is on display everywhere - in the corridors, the restaurant, the bar, the rooms, and even the bathrooms. One gallery is devoted to the current exhibition, another exhibits originals by a selection of artists, while the third mainly displays a large selection of prints. With such a wide price range, a meaningful memento of your trip to Antigua is easy to acquire, and we can ship anywhere in the world.

Great Food! Great Friends! All my love
Julian and Alisin
we came ...and will continue to come.. again and again
Questo piccolo angolo di paradiso e' stata un momento importante e indimenticabile della mia vita. Tornare dopo 6 anni ha rappresentato per me una grandissima emozione, e sono felice di aver ritrovato lo staff, le persone di sempre, e che Paola e Carlo abbiano proseguito questo sognao con la stessa dediione , i miei piu- sinceri auguri perche Antigua ha bisogno di posti come Harmony Hall




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