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There are several new projects under way to improve the facilities at Harmony Hall. With the main focus being the formation of the Harmony Hall Yacht Club in 2007. Some sailing legends have already been recruited and have agreed to become founding members: Dennis Conner, Russel Coutts, Shannon Falcone, Torben Greal, Mike Toppa and Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen. The intention is to create a centre of excellent yacht racing. To this end, eight Dragons have been ordered from Petticrows in the UK, the major Dragon Class builder, and with the ninth owned by Poul-Richard Hoj Jensen himself, these will be used for fleet racing, with team, match and triple racing on the agenda as well.
Russel Coutts, three times winner of the America's Cup and Olympic Gold medallist in Finn will include the RC44's for an event to be staged in Nonsuch Bay. The objective of this regatta would be a high profile, high quality sailing event in Antigua.

carlo falconeCarlo Falcone dennis connerDennis Conner mike toppaMike Toppa russel coutts2Russel Coutts
 shannon falconeShannon Falcone  torben graelTorben Grael  poul richard hoj jensenPoul Richard Hoj Jensen  

Great Food! Great Friends! All my love
Julian and Alisin
we came ...and will continue to come.. again and again
Questo piccolo angolo di paradiso e' stata un momento importante e indimenticabile della mia vita. Tornare dopo 6 anni ha rappresentato per me una grandissima emozione, e sono felice di aver ritrovato lo staff, le persone di sempre, e che Paola e Carlo abbiano proseguito questo sognao con la stessa dediione , i miei piu- sinceri auguri perche Antigua ha bisogno di posti come Harmony Hall




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